Team Directory

Program Team

Heidi Chen

Heidi Chen, MA

Academic Technology Coordinator

Ben Curtis Headshot

Ben Curtis

Recording Technician

Headshot of Esther Haviland

Esther Haviland, MA

Communications & Marketing Manager

Dewey Longuski Headshot

Dewey Longuski, MS

Academic Specialist – Teaching

Headshot of Bonnye Mason-Williams

Bonnye Mason-Williams, MS

Academic Specialist – Teaching

Jennifer Miller Headshot

Jennifer Miller, MA

Admissions Coordinator & Academic Advisor

Headshot of Megan Patrick

Megan Patrick, MA

Academic Specialist – Curriculum

Headshot of Heather Ricks

Heather Ricks, MS

Assistant Director & Academic Advisor

Headshot of John Tilden

John Tilden, DVM, MPH

Government Liaison & Instructor

Patty Weber Headshot

Patty Weber, PhD


Lead Instructors

Steve Bursian headshot

Steve Bursian, PhD


MSU Animal Science Department

Headshot of Neal Fortin

Neal Fortin, JD

Director and Professor

MSU Institute for Food Laws & Regulations

headshot of Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton, PhD, MPH

Veterinary Hospital Epidemiologist & Assistant Professor

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Phil Schertzing headshot

Phil Schertzing, PhD

Outreach Specialist

MSU School of Criminal Justice

Meagan Shedd headshot

Meagan Shedd, PhD

Assistant Professor

MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Center for Regional Food Systems

headshot of Brit Weber

Brit Weber, MS


BR Weber & Associates

Frank Yiannas Headshot

Frank Yiannas, MPH

Food Safety Expert and Adjunct Faculty

MSU Online Master of Science in Food Safety Program

Contributing Instructors

Comlanvi Sitou Akibode, MS

Founder & CEO

Global Expertise International

Joanne Allen, PhD

Food Safety Expert/Consultant

J I Allen & Associates

David Arias, MS

Director of QA & Food Safety

Hearn Kirkwood

Paul Bartlett, BA, MPH, DVM, PHD

Professor Emeritus

MSU Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Jason Bashura, MPH, RS

Senior Manager

Global Food Defense, PepsiCo

Mitzi Baum, MS

Michigan State University Adjunct Faculty

Chief Executive Officer, Stop Foodborne Illness

Susie Bautista, MS

Certified Food Scientist & Flavor Chemist


Melissa Berquist, PhD

Director, Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases

Texas A&M University

Michelle Bogda, MS

Regional Food Safety & Quality Manager

Panera Bread

Steve Bolin, DVM, MS, PHD


MSU Diagnostic Center for Population & Animal Health

James Bradford, DVM, MS

Adjunct Faculty

College of Veterinary Medicine

Crissida Brown, MS

Product Quality Manager

H-E-B Grocery

Daniel Buskirk, PhD

Associate Professor

MSU Animal Science Department

Peter Carrington, PhD


MSU W. J. Beal Botanical Garden

Karen Chou, MS, PhD

Associate Professor

MSU Animal Science Department

David Closs, MBA, PhD


MSU Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Marianne Courey, MS

Food Safety Investigator

Michigan Department of Agriculture

Spring Younts Dahl, MS, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Kaplan University
 and Southwest Minnesota State University

Kyle C. Dahl, JD, MS

Pieper, Miller & Dahl Attorneys at Law

Phil Durst, MS

Senior Extension Educator

MSU Extension Agriculture and Agribusiness

Anita Ezzo, MSL


MSU Libraries

Patricia S. Gaunt, DVM, PhD, DABVT

Associate Professor, Aquatic Animal Health

Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Brian Hughes

Toxicology Manager Air Quality Division, Toxics Unit

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy

Lawrence Judge, PhD

Adjucnt Associate Professor

MSU Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Kristin Kerstens, MS

Toxicology Manager

Water Quality Association

Adam London, MA, PhD

Health Officer

Kent County Health Department

Ryk Lues, PhD


Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa

Paul Makoski, MPA

Environmental Health Director

Health Dept. Calhoun County

Bradley Marks, PhD


MSU Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Scott Mulrooney, PhD

Associate Professor

MSU Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Keith Bezant Niblett, BA, CAMMd, DMS, Dip Inst M, MBIM, LRAM

Assistant Director

MSU International and Custom Programs, Eli Broad College of Business

Chika Okafor, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor, Food Safety & Epidemiology

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Eric Pessel


Environmental Health Division, Kent County Health Department

Terry Philibeck

Deputy Director Food & Dairy Division (Retired)

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

Melody Raasch, DVM, MS

Product Performance Evaluation Scientist, Locum Veterinarian

Royal Canin

Elliot Ryser, PhD


MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Jørgen Schlundt, PhD

Food Safety Consultant

Schlundt Consult

David Smith, DVM, PhD

Professor, School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Leslie Smith


LT Smith Consulting

Phillip Tocco

Extension Educator

MSU Extension Agriculture & Agribusiness

Ewen Todd, PhD

Adjunct Professor

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Gary Vroegindewey, DVM, MSS, Diplomate ACVPM

Director, Global Health Initiatives, Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine

Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Maryland, College Park

Vincent B. Young, MD,PhD

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology

University of Michigan