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Online learning is different than in-person learning. It is NOT easier. Online students have to be active with their own learning, not passive.



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30 & 3.0
You need to earn 30 credits and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to qualify for graduation.

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Be Prepared for Academic Writing
You will be required to write essays and papers that incorporate academic writing requirements.

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Embrace the Fine Print
Take the time to review the instructions and the rubrics for every assignment.

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Core Classes First
Focus on taking your core classes first. VM 810 will be the first class you take. Tackle the Applied Project toward the end of your degree.



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Communicate with Your Instructors
When you have questions or issues arise, make sure you email your instructors. We are here to help you!


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MSU Email is Not D2L Email
MSU email is not the same as D2L email. Make sure you are forwarding or checking both accounts on a regular basis. All official program correspondence is sent to your MSU email.


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Balance Your Time
Be aware of when assignments are due. Learn to integrate graduate school into your work and personal life.

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Expect 10 Hours Per Week of Study Time
Set aside the appropriate amount of time throughout the week to complete your course work.



Food Safety Student Handbook (PDF)

Graduate Student Academic Hearing Procedures (PDF)

MSU Graduate School

MSU Libraries - MSU students have access to the vast Internet resources available through the MSU Library.  

University Ombudsman - Academic integrity, student rights, conflict resolution

FERPA - Understand your student education record rights

D2L Help Site -  All courses are hosted and taught online inside Desire2Learn.


Log into D2L to find your course.
Note university dates on the calendar.