Advisory Council

Headshot of Theresa Bernardo

Theresa Bernardo, DVM

IDEXX Chair, Emerging Technologies & Bond 
Centered Animal Healthcare

University of Guelph

Steve Bursian headshot

Steve Bursian, PhD


MSU Animal Science Department

Headshot of Neal Fortin

Neal Fortin, JD

Director and Professor

MSU Institute for Food Laws & Regulations

Joann Givens

Joann Givens, MS

Director, Office of Human and Animal Food Operations - West


headshot of Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton, PhD, MPH

Veterinary Hospital Epidemiologist & Assistant Professor

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Headshot of Scott Kramer

Scott Kramer, DVM PhD

Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer, MSFS Alumnus


Headshot of Molly Frendo

Molly Frendo Londgren, PhD

Medical Education Learning Specialist

MSU College of Human Medicine

Headshot of Jane Maddox

Jane Maddox, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director Pharm Tox

Headshot of Keith Bezant Niblett

Keith Bezant Niblett, BA, CAMMd, DMS, Dip Inst M, MBIM, LRAM

Assistant Director

MSU Broad College of Business

Jeff Priebe Headshot

Jeffrey Priebe, MS

Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety

Danaco Solutions

Lisa Robinson headshot

Lisa R. Robinson

Vice President, Global Food Safety & Public Health


Headshot of LaToya Strickland

LaToya Strickland, MS

Regulatory Manager, CPS North America, MSFS Alumna

The Coca-Cola Company

Headshot of Gary Vroegindewey

Gary Vroegindewey, DVM, MSS, DACVPM

Director, One Health Program

Lincoln Memorial University

Patty Weber Headshot

Patty Weber, PhD


Frank Yiannas Headshot

Frank Yiannas, MPH

Food Safety Expert and Adjunct Faculty

MSU Online Master of Science in Food Safety Program