Current Issues in Food Safety

VM 834 One-Credit Electives

VM 834 is an elective course that covers current issues in food safety. Students can mix and match the topics of their choice, allowing them to take a variable number of credits (each class is one credit) within the semester. Each topic can only be taken once and cannot be repeated for credit.

The topics are organized into five modules with minimal instructor or peer interaction. Course materials will be sourced from scientific and trade journals, textbooks, federal regulations, and international guidance documents. Assessments will be in the form of quizzes, exams, projects, discussion forums, and written assignments.

How This Works...

The topics in the course are short accelerated courses with two major deadlines: the introduction assignment due by the end of the first week and the final day of the course when all of the assignments are due. Students will have the opportunity to earn five extra credit points if they complete two of the five modules by the identified midway point in the course. This date will be listed in the course and in course communications.