U.S. Food Laws & Regulations

FSC 811*

U.S. Food Laws & Regulations

Semester: Fall, Spring

This course covers the law regulating the manufacture, distribution, and sale of food products in the United States. Topics include the regulation of labeling, food additives, dietary supplements, genetic modification, HACCP, civil and criminal liability for defective products, inspections, importation, inspections, enforcement, and many other issues of concern in the regulation of food in the United States. The course is designed to give the student a better understanding of the issues involved in the regulation of foods and a general understanding of the full scope of food regulation in the United States.

If this is chosen as a core class, FSC 810 may be chosen as an elective, and vice versa. FSC 811 and FSC 810 are two in a series of global food law courses that comprise the International Food Law Certificate Program.

For more information regarding this course please visit the Institute for Food Laws and Regulations website.

3 Credits