Marianne Courey, MS

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Marianne Courey, MS

Food Safety Investigator

Michigan Department of Agriculture

Graduated from University Liggett School, attended college at Michigan State University earning a B.S. in Animal Science and later completed the MSU Online MS in Food Safety program.

Senior level Food Safety Investigator for the Michigan Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development specializing in enforcement and halal foods/slaughter.

FDA commissioned to conduct complex inspections and environmental sampling at processing facilities throughout the State of Michigan.

Certified in Juice HACCP, Acidified Food HACCP and Seafood HACCP.

In my spare time I train and certify human/canine therapy dog teams.

My life goal is to present people with the science behind what they choose to eat and encourage people to make all choices with compassion and respect for the planet and all its inhabitants.


VM 810 Intro to Food Safety