Experts Revamp VM 821, Food Protection and Defense Course, Headed by Army Combat Veteran

Experts Revamp VM 821, Food Protection and Defense Course, Headed by Army Combat Veteran

By: Esther Haviland

The Online MS in Food Safety program would like to introduce Dr. Andrew Huff, PhD, MS, as the new moderator for VM 821, Food Protection and Defense.  Dr. Huff joined the faculty of MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine in August of 2016.  With two combat tours of duty in Central America and Iraq under his belt and an impressive resume, Dr. Huff is now taking on public health, food protection, and bioterrorism here at MSU.

VM 821 Food Protection and Defense has been available to MS in Food Safety Students as an elective option since the beginning of the program and is offered in the fall semester.  Dr. Huff and his team have updated the course with important information on cyber security, information security, and threat identification.  Students will gain a good deal of knowledge from this team-taught course created by faculty and industry leaders from around the United States; a group of contributors with impressive expertise on food protection and defense.

“It’s great working here at MSU because it’s given me the ability to work with colleagues from different departments across campus.” 

Since his arrival at MSU in August of 2016, Dr. Huff has been researching anti-microbial resistance and conducting clinical trials.  His education includes a BA in Psychology, a MS in Security Technologies & Geographic Information Systems, and a PhD in Environmental Infectious Disease.  While earning his PhD at the University of Minnesota, he was appointed as a fellow at the Food Protection and Defense Institute (Formerly NCFPD) where he researched the human, environmental, and engineered elements of global food systems.