2020 Summer and Fall Graduates Announced

2020 Summer and Fall Graduates Announced

By: Esther Haviland

This past year was unexpected and continues to cause so many challenges. Not being able to celebrate with our graduates on campus is definitely one of them.

Our graduates have dedicated many hours of hard work and determination to finishing up their MS in Food Safety degree. We are proud of each of them and we celebrate their accomplishment.

Here is a list of our most recent graduates. Welcome to the OFS alumni network!

Summer 2020 Graduates

Simrit (Simi) Bhatti
Lana Buckles
Kenneth Cabine
Audrey Cerles 4.0
Amanda Cross
Bradley (Brad) Duso
Paula (Jill) Johnson
Stephanie Larson
Randalynn (Randi) McColly-Fleener 4.0
Adrian Nassozi Ogola
Zoe Riccio

Fall 2020 Graduates

Courtney (Whitfield) Carps
Paula Coe
Craig Conrad
Kyle Cook
Doug Culbertson
Sheena (Hedges) Fate 4.0
Erika (Muehlenkamp) Flores
Robert Giarla
Erin Gleason
Laura Gotthardt
Corey Havard
Kendra Kilawee
Megan (Fisch) Lagestee
Elizabeth La Monda
Sara Mager
Olga McLaughlin
Ana Teheran
Elizabeth Tenerowicz
Angela Thompson
Nicholas Tolzien
Scott Wall
Angela Yang