Student Awards

The Edward & Mary Mather Outstanding Food Safety Student Award (Mather Award) recognizes students that have excelled in the design and implementation of an applied food safety project, a component of the requirement of the Master of Science in Food Safety degree. The food safety applied projects for each calendar year’s graduates are reviewed by a panel of faculty judges for originality, quality, and application to a solution for a food safety problem. The awardees receive a plaque and cash award.

The award is made possible through the support of Dr. Ed and Mrs. Mary Mather. Dr. Ed Mather was the founding Director of the Master of Science in Food Safety program.

2016 Edward & Mary Mather Outstanding Food Safety Student Award

Yaw Dako, MS

Project: The effects of Aflatoxins on human health in developing countries: A review of exposure, health impact and intervention strategies.

2015 Edward & Mary Mather Outstanding Food Safety Student Award

Gina S. Konnick, MS

Project: Practical Application of the Food Safety Modernization Act: Developing a Foreign Supplier Verification Program for a Confectionery Company

2014 Mather Award

Jared Parko, MS

Laboratory Operations Manager
Food Safety Net Services

Project: Cooked Beef Food Matrix Validation Study using Real Time PCR BAX Method for Testing E. coli O157:H7

2013 Mather Award

Crissida Brown

Project: Effectiveness of Foam San to Prevent Listeria spp. Organisms in the Retail Deli Environment

Virginia Wheatley

Project: The Public Health Threat of Dietary Supplement Fraud

2012 Mather Award

Melody Raasch

Project: The Impact of a Food Safety Certification Statement and/or Seal on Pet Food Packaging

Charles Woodhouse

Project: Implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act

2011 Mather Award

Natasha Tahiera Lee

Project: Assessing the Effective Management of Food Allergies in Schools

2010 Mather Award 2010

Angela Lawless And Susan Linn

Project: Food Recalls:  Issues with Supply Chain Communication

2009 Mather Award 2009

Lynn Swiech

Project: International Codes and Regulations for Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Low-Acid Milk and Milk Products.

2008 Mather Award 2008

Frank McLaughlin

Project: Bioterrorism and the Food Supply: History, Assessments, Laws, Detection and Surveillance to Counter Threat. A Critical Evaluation of How the Veterinary Corps Could Achieve a Greater Food Defense Capability.

2007 Mather Award

Heather Farrell-Clarke

Project: Food Safety Systems: The Current Status in Barbados and the Role that a Manufacturer Plays if its Product is Implicated in a Foodborne Disease Outbreak.