Navigate Your Degree

I have been accepted! What do I do?

  1. Wait for your PID and PAN numbers, sent to you via snail mail in your official acceptance letter from the MSU Office of Admissions.
  2. Set up your MSU NetID
  3. Set up your MSU email and contact Heather Ricks at
  4. Mark important dates from the MSU Academic Calendar.
  5. Apply for Financial Aid.  Note: you must be enrolled in at least 5 credits to be eligible for aid.
  6. All new students must take VM 810 as their first class.  Review course availability and Enroll in classes
  7. Track and pay your bill in StuINFO.
  8. Confirm your attendance in StuINFO approximately 48 hours after your tuition bill has been paid.
  9. Transfer any outside credits - contact Heather Ricks at
  10. Begin thinking about your Research Methods and Applied Project course requirements.

I am attending classes. What do I need to know?

  • Mark important dates from the MSU Academic Calendar.
  • Log into Desire2Learn to find your course.
  • Research your resources at the MSU Libraries.
  • If a VM course is FULL, this indicates that a course has been enrolled to its maximum capacity.  However, you can still be added to a waitlist - please contact the program's Academic Advisor, Heather Ricks, for this request – or 517-884-2079
  • If a course is FULL but is not a VM course, you will need to request permission to enroll (called an “override”) from the respective department.  Contact Heather Ricks if you have any questions.
  • If you know that you will be missing some course work, please contact your instructor. 
  • If you need to drop a course after the drop deadline, please contact the instructor and the program's Academic Advisor, Heather Ricks, at
  • Review the program's Non-Attendance Policy.
  • Begin thinking about your Applied Project (VM 815).

I am finishing my degree. What do I need to do to prepare?

  • Apply for graduation by the end of the first week of the semester in which you will graduate.  All students must do this, even if you are not planning to attend the commencement ceremonies in East Lansing. 
  • Join us for a small lunch reception prior to commencement ceremonies in December and May of each year.  Contact Heather Ricks at for more information. 
  • Detailed commencement ceremony information is posted each semester on the MSU commencement website.
  • Visit our Alumni page and take advantage of MSU Alumni Services.  Also, please note that MSU Library privileges will end when you graduate and MSU email will remain active for only two years after your final semester.
  • Stay in touch via our Facebook group or our LinkedIn group.
  • Sign up for our monthly e-update newsletter.

What other information is useful to me?

More Curriculum questions?

Contact, Academic Advisor.


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– Dan Grooms
  • Department Chair, Professor
  • Large Animal Clinical Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, MSU