Taking the Prize

Kristie Denbrock
Peggy Trommater Photo
Peggy Trommater, Administrative Assistant, Online MS in Food Safety

Peggy Trommater, Administrative Assistant, opened her email one May morning to find the following, “Congratulations on being chosen to receive the 2013 Krehbiel Distinguished Staff Award…I am extremely proud of your dedication and commitment to the college…”  this from  Chris Brown, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine.  She entered Program Director Dr. Julie Funk’s office and asked, “Is this a joke?”

That morning Peggy learned her colleagues: Kristie Denbrock, Heather Ricks, Heidi Chen, Carey Byerrum, Mary Anne Verleger and Dr. Funk had nominated her for the award without her knowledge. Dr Funk’s nomination letter stated, “Peggy exemplifies the values celebrated by this award…As the lead staff member for management of student applications, she is literally the ‘front-door’ of the program.”

Earning her Associate’s Degree from Lansing Community College, Peggy began working for MSU in 1990 with the College of Human Medicine. She joined the Food Safety Program in 2005 and began transforming the office, applications process, records management and administrative procedures for current students and alumni into smooth running operations.  Peggy said, “I love being part of the University culture! There’s something magic about working in a place where improving people’s futures is the most important goal!”

The other nomination letters mention such attributes as, “When traveling to conferences, alumni and students approach us asking us to take back messages and notes of thanks to Peggy, mostly reading, ‘without whom I wouldn’t have been admitted to the program.’”  Another letter states, “The success of the program overall is in no small part due to her contribution,” and “MSU is indeed fortunate to employ such a welcoming and exemplary professional as Peggy who truly embodies the Spartan spirit.”

To her colleagues, Peggy sent the following email which shows why they took it upon themselves to nominate her in the first place, “It is difficult for me to express what I feel in my heart about your efforts.  I glanced at my resume today and realized that I have been working in an office now for the past 30 years.  The experiences of those years are a poignant measure of both personal and professional growth, and a reminder of the steps I've taken to reach our basement home in the Food Safety building!   It is an absolute privilege to be part of this wonderful team, and to share the family spirit that surrounds our work.  I count my blessings every day to have found such a perfect fit in both job responsibilities and comrades in arms!”

Congratulations Peggy, we are all proud of you!

The Krehbiel Endowment that supports the cash award was created by J.D. Krehbiel, DVM, PhD and his wife, Linda, who have been, “touched by many staff members who excel at supporting faculty, administrators, and students and yet often go unrecognized and unrewarded.” Dr. Krehbiel served in many leadership roles during his 40-year tenure at the MSU college of Veterinary Medicine.