Congratulations Heather Ricks!

Peggy Trommater
Heather Ricks

On February 1st, Heather Ricks, Academic Advisor for the Online MS in Food Safety program, was promoted to the position of Assistant Director. Heather continues in her role as student advisor, but has now expanded her responsibilities.

In this new role, Heather will provide assistance to program director, Dr. Melinda Wilkins, with the daily maintenance and supervision of the program, while providing additional support and leadership to her fellow staff members.

"I am really looking forward to the challenges and opportunities I will face in this new leadership role," said Heather. "I value my relationship with the students and alumni and especially with my program colleagues and I hope to grow as a leader and expect to learn a great deal. I am excited to help further our mission of educating and supporting food safety leaders."
Heather, who has a Master of Science in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis, has been academic advisor to students within the MS in Food Safety program since 2010, when she was hired to design and implement the program's first official advising guidelines.  Her extraordinary organization skills have contributed greatly to the success of both the program and its students over the years.
“As our program continues to grow and expand,” said Dr. Wilkins, “it became obvious I was going to need help!  I was delighted when Heather agreed to take on this new supervisory role.”  

The program staff is looking forward to the benefits from Heather’s extended role, as well.  "Heather is an exceptional colleague," says co-worker Peggy Trommater.  "She is approachable by everyone, and her attention to detail is second to none.  We are all excited to see her wearing this additional hat!"
Please join us in congratulating Heather.