Celebrating 10 Years of Educating Food Safety Leaders

Julie Funk
Julie Funk
Julie Funk, Director, Online MS in Food Safety, Michigan State University

The Michigan State University Online Master of Science in Food Safety accepted its first students in the Fall of 2002.  This group of ground-breakers has now been joined by more than 120 alumni and 162 current students who have taken the challenge to improve their food safety knowledge and take leadership roles in ensuring food safety.  These students represent 39 states from the United States, 16 countries and more than 160 organizations. You can visit our student demography page for more information.

As we look forward to the next 10 years and beyond, we are excited by the opportunities available to food safety professionals for rewarding and meaningful careers that contribute to society’s need for a safe food supply. We are exceptionally proud of our current students and alumni, and invite you to join their ranks as food safety leaders.

Over the next year, we will post stories highlighting our alumni and current students---we hope you enjoy their stories of their professional aspirations and success.


On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Online Master of Science in Food Safety,

Julie Funk, DVM, MS, PhD
Director, Online MS in Food Safety