Food Safety Specialist 1

Ohio Department of Agriculture
Franklin, Madison, Warren, Greene Fayette, Ross, Clinton and Highland Counties, OH (USA)

This position shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the OCSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement. ODA bargaining unit members have selection rights before non-bargaining unit members. All other applications will only be considered if an internal bargaining unit applicant is not selected for this position.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture is currently seeking candidates for a Food Safety Specialist 1 position in the Food Safety Division. This position may be located in one of the following counties: Franklin, Madison, Warren, Greene, Fayette, Ross, Clinton or Highland. The duties for the Food Safety Specialist 1 position include but are not limited to: 

  • Collects samples, conducts inspection, evaluation, investigation & surveillance activities of wholesale & retail food industry for compliance with mandated 
    state &/or federal laws & rules to ensure safe production & sale of food products.
  • Conducts surveys & audits of local health department’s safety programs (e.g., evaluates program activities & performance of personnel through rating system) 
    for compliance with mandated standards
  • Independently conducts one-on-one inspection standardization procedures to evaluate local health department personnel inproper implementation of 
    mandated state food safety standards
  • Prepares reports of technical nature & compares local health department & food industry performance to required procedures & guidelines & 
    recommends training & additional assistance when warranted.
  • Conducts and writes reports for FDA contract inspections.
  • Provides expert advice, consultation & direction to food industry &/or local health department personnel on food safety issues:instructs local health 
    department & industry personnel on proper sanitary practices
  • Ensures compliance with good manufacturing practices, agriculture food laws & regulations
  • Provides technical assistance & consultation &/or implements individual &/or group training as developed by higher level foodsafety 
    specialists to local health department &/or industry personnel.
  • Conducts inspections &or investigations of consumer related inquiries or site evaluation of new or altered facilities
  • Maintains evaluation instruments & technical field equipment; participates in drills & exercises of emergency plans
  • Prepares & delivers speeches & presentations to groups & organizations
  • Operates personal computer & related software to enter, edit & verify data & to produce reports
  • Utilizes inspection tools to include thermometer, test kit, pH meter & light meter
  • Informs local boards of health of survey findings
  • Initiates enforcement activities with food industry management
  • Performs other related duties as assigned (e.g., attends meetings, participates on workgroups, travels to trainings & seminars asrequired).

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October 7, 2019