Food Safety Certificate

Alternative to the Online MS in Food Safety degree program, we offer a Certificate in Food Safety for students who successfully complete the following three core courses plus three credits of an approved elective. These courses are available to graduate students or to Lifelong Education students.  

Core Courses
Course Code Course Name Credits Semester
VM 811 VM811 Evolution and Ecology of Foodborne Pathogens Description 3 Fall, Spring, Summer
VM 812 VM812 Food Safety Toxicology Description 3 Fall, Spring
VM 831 VM831 Foodborne Disease Epidemiology Description 3 Fall, Summer
Elective Courses
Course Code Course Name Credits Semester
VM 814 VM 814 Packaging for Food Safety Description 3 Summer
VM 817 VM817 Livestock Pre-harvest Food Safety Description 3 Spring
VM 821 Food Protection & Defense Description 3 Fall
VM 824 Global Food Safety Description 3 Fall
VM 825 VM825 Quantifying Food Risk Description 3 Fall
VM 827 FSMA/HACCP Description 3 Spring
VM 834 VM 834 Current Issues in Food Safety Description 1-3 Summer
VM 835 Food Safety for Produce Description 3 Spring
VM 836 VM 836 Current Issues in Food Safety Description 1-3 Spring
VM 840 VM840 Anti-Counterfeit Strategy & Product Protection Description 3 Summer

Note: If a student later decides to apply to our graduate degree program and is accepted, MSU will allow transfer of up to 9 credits (with a grade of 3.0 or better in each course) earned through any combination of courses taken through lifelong education, graduate certification, or transfer from another institution.  The time limit for completing the master's degree is five calendar years from the date of enrollment in the first course included for degree certification, inclusive of transfer credits.